Why Bangladeshi Weddings are So Costly?

Bangladeshi weddings are very costly, compared to weddings from cultural backgrounds from all over the world. At times wedding costs put some serious pernicious impacts on the married life of the couple. This is not only very problematic, but also quite pointless. Though in recent times awareness is more among people regarding this, and wedding costs are kept at a minimum by many of the couples. But what are the reasons behind weddings being so costly at the first place? Let’s have a look.

1. Culture

Multiple Events

In Bangladeshi weddings, way too many people are invited, and events are more than any other wedding culture in the world. It occurs due to century old culture and traditions. Traditionally Bangladeshis live in joint families and a much more communal society. As wedding is considered as a very important and significant event of a person’s life, it is quite normal for them to invite everyone they know when communal feeling is very strong. Whatever, back in the past this was not too costly, as most of the weddings took place in a homely environment. Things have changed now, as costs have increased to a huge extent.

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2. Peer Pressure

Peer pressure is a term which is used to described a condition where a person is not that much willing to do something, but ends up doing it anyway because everyone else is doing it. Going overboard with wedding costs happens because of that, for so many people. These people don’t want to spend way too much, they don’t have way too much to spend as well. But still they spend huge amounts of money because others are doing the same. Fear of missing out exists to a greater extent on this.

3. Societal Status


Somehow, how much money one can spend on their wedding or on their children’s wedding has become a peer of societal status. People who can spend more, are considered more respected in the society. Due to such stereotypical environment, people want to spend more for getting more respect. Weddings that are huge, continue to become talks of the town for years to come. And who does not want to enhance their status in the society and gain respect from the others? Everyone does that. If this bad practice is ever to be changed, the societal stereotypes need to change first.

4.  Living in the Present

While it is completely fine to live in the present, it is equally important to understand the consequences that might come in the future. That’s why many people don’t even understand that in future they might end up in hardship because of arranging a big fat wedding. There are instances where people have spent their life long savings, even took loans just to get over with the wedding of their children. If something goes south next, like a family member falling ill, those families are crushed. Moreover, paying the loan back becomes very tough too. That’s why it is extremely important to think about the consequences with going so overboard with the costs.

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