Product Rental Policy

Biye Bazaar offers product rental services for wedding related functions and parties. Renters have to go through a set of rules and policies before, during and after renting a particular product. This document contains the Product Rental Policy:


  • Products can be rented anytime as per availability, but ideally we suggest our clients to reserve desired product seven working days prior to wedding.

  • At the time of reservation, the client has to provide necessary documentations (Photocopy of NID, Passport, Driving License etc.) and a deposit of BDT 2000/=. The full amount of this deposit will be returned to the client when rented product is returned undamaged, unharmed and in time. (Rent price is not included in this deposit. This deposit is solely taken for the purpose of product safety).

  • For any rentals fewer than three days, BDT 350/= washing and cleaning cost will be added to the main rent fee.

Cancellation of Reservation

  • Reservation has to be cancelled minimum 7 working days prior to the reserved dates for getting full deposit back. BiyeBazaar will gradually cut off from the deposit if reservation is cancelled any time less than 7 working days. As per cancellations prior to 24 hours or less, the full deposit will be kept.

  • No cancellation is allowed for urgent rents (48 hours before reserved dates).

Pricing and Payment

  • Currently, products up for rental are Wedding Sherwani sets and Wedding Jewelry sets. While Sherwani sets are priced at BDT 1000/= to 1200/= per day, Jewelry sets will cost BDT 500/= to 1500/= depending on product version and features.

  • Minimum rental period is one day. Even if a client wants to rent a product for a few hours, he/she will have to pay full rent fee for the day.

  • Rent charge is to be paid at the time of product return.

  • While we accept direct cash as payment, the client can use flexible methods like Bkash or bank checks.

Rental Period

  • Minimum rental period for any product is 1 day or 24 hours.

  • Any product can be rented for a maximum of 7 days.

  • In case of extension of rental period after the dates are already booked, clients need to notify us 24 hours before desired extension dates.

Receive and Return

  • The clients can directly come to our office to receive or return the rented product in person.

  • We also offer Drop and Pick options for clients’ convenience. To avail this, clients have to pay BDT 100/= for drop and BDT 100/= for pick.

Missing or Damaged Items

  • For products that cost less than the summation of rent charge and deposit, no deposit will be paid back and the client will have to pay the rent charge in full.

  • For products costing more than the summation of rent charge and deposit, the client will have to pay additional charges to compensate the damaged or missing product. No deposit will be returned.

  • The client can keep the damaged product after paying the charges and compensation in full.

  • Not being able to pay compensations will result in Biye Bazaar taking legal action against the individual involved.

Late Returns

  • For late returns, full-day rental charges will be applied for each day.


Biye Bazaar holds full authority over addition, cancellation and adaptation of these rules at any time.