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  • The users shall abstain from:

  1. The violation of the rights such as Copyright, Trademark, and Privacy right, etc.

  2. Any means of misuse of provided information or using them for the purpose of earning profits.

  3. Any means of activity that defames any other individual or organization.

  4. Any means of activity that interrupts the usual activity of

  5. Providing any false information in registration.

  6. Any means of action that violate law, civil right and moral.

  • The Copyright and other rights such as text contents, photos, sounds, videos, etc. shall be the property of and these are restricted to print and hereby being used elsewhere.

  • The users shall not disclose any means of confidential information of to other third-party individual or organization. does not guarantee the correctness, purpose and legality of any other third-party individual or organization on the handling of user’s personal information.

  • does not guarantee that the e-mails and web contents transmitted by are free from harmful computer viruses.

  • does not bear and responsibility for any damage:

    1. Caused by any interruption, cancellation of the system due to failure of any communication methods.

    2. Caused by tempering with the webpage of

    3. Except for usual direct damage and damage by gross negligence.

  • The Management team of is not from a crime group, or from any organizations involved in crimes.

  • shall not act of threatening behavior or dealing with violence regarding transactions.

  • shall not act of disseminating rumor, damaging our credibility using fake information.

  • helps promote the actions of users and increases flow of information in, including information of different products of various vendors and shops. (Including suggestions or reviews using impressions, but not limited to these reviews).

  • The scope of this section shall be a recommendation for different products of various vendors and shops listed in

  • The reviews and recommendations by users belongs to the and reserves the independent right to make changes in the following contents without notifying the users:

(1) To judge contents

(2) to post on the

(3) Correction and posting on this site

(4) To do the processing in each of the preceding items in the media

(5) To be posted on a service page such as a wedding hall or venue or shop

  • does not allow posting of reviews as below. In contravention of this, may cancel or delete some or all of the recommended reviews, or may discontinue publication on this site at our discretion.

(1) Information of venues and shops used before 1 year.

(2) Complaint to specific individual, companies, organizations.

(3) Posting about introduction cards, discount card transfer/trading.

(4) Discount information/price information (including information on charges and estimates of products, services, etc.).

(5) Submission by listening or speculation etc. not based on own experience of the user.

(6) Announcement of certain conditions (including discounts under special conditions).

(7) Product and service promotions, campaigns, and discount information.

(8) Personal information or things those individuals can specify (Including items that are highly likely to be individually presumed, such as items and purchase dates).

(9) For profit or recruitment purpose.

(10) Advertisement/publicity sales activities, public election campaign, solicitation for specific thought/religion, or contents similar thereto.

(11) Pornographic books/pictures, solicitations for sexual negotiation, or other obscene contents.

(12) Including contents that significantly induce bullying, cruelty or crime towards children and adolescents, and hamper its sound development.

(13) Including discriminatory expression.

(14) Nonsense contents.

(15) Others, what we judged as inappropriate content or expression on this site.

  • The reviews of the users shall belong to In addition, the user shall accept that shall not exercise the moral rights of the user.

  • In case of troubles with or a third party due to the offer posted by vendors, users shall try to solve the problem by their own responsibility

  • shall not be responsible for any damage caused by users providing reviews.

  • These Terms and Conditions may be updated of changed time to time without providing prior notice to the users. The users are requested to check the Terms and Conditions on the time of using

  • If the users use after the changes in Terms and Conditions, it will be assumed that the users have accepted the Terms and Conditions.

Terms and Conditions on User Registration

  • User shall register to by providing personal information, i.e. Name, Address, Contact Number, Email Address, etc. to get the desired service. The users can get their desired services by registering to

  • It is assumed that the users hereby agree to the Terms and Conditions at the time of registration to and they shall be wholly responsible for their personal information provided in the registration procedure. They are requested to check Privacy Policy hold by

  • A user shall be able to enter only one email address. The same email address cannot be used to re-register.

  • The user credentials (User ID and Password) shall be considered to the property of the user himself and the user shall manage the User ID and Password by his own responsibility. shall not be responsible for any kind damage by any third party stealing or hacking of the User ID and Password.

  • as well as the users shall post or submit information of various products related to their business with a view to enhancing their profits in a legal way.

  • The users are permitted to post or upload their desired contents on, but holds full authoritative power to judge its standard and publish it as public. is the sole editorial authority to:

(1) To review the contents, comments, and reviews

(2) To publish on or not to publish. ( shall select according to its standard)

(3) Correct it and publish it in

(4) Correct and delete posted articles and/or comments etc. posted on after publication

(5) To do the processing in each of the preceding items on media designated by

  • The users can be able to post comment on the published contents and articles. They shall have the right to delete only their own comments.

  • In case the user shall have unregistered himself from, his comments or reviews shall not be deleted.

  • Publishing articles and comments that the users post in are limited to texts or photographs etc. which, in principle, themselves have copyright or any other rights. When a member wrote a sentence or photograph (including a photograph taken by a third party by a subject, a photograph showing a copyrighted work created by a third party or a public building, etc., including a right of a third party other than himself, If the user intends to publish a third party's content, including the copyright holder of that copyright holder (including those with the privacy right, those with the portrait right, those with copyrights such as sentences or photographs as subjects, but not limited to them) shall definitely publish only third-party texts or photographs. that obtained such acknowledgement.

  • The users shall be responsible for the contents of the article, the text, photograph, the contents of the comment, the review etc., and shall not perform the acts listed below:

(1) Posting contents not related to the information provided by

(2) Post content for commercial purposes.

(3) Publishing false contents.

(4) To intentionally post a large texts and duplicate pictures.

(5) Posting inquiries and complaints about services/functions.

(6) Posting inquiries and complaints about the accuracy of information provided by

  • Members shall not post texts, photographs, etc. that considers like the matters listed below, or that there is a possibility of falling under any of the matters listed below:

(1) Including content that infringes or is likely to infringe the rights of a third party, such as copyright, trademark right, privacy right, portrait right, and honor.

(2) Including items concerning personal privacy.

(3) Personal name, e-mail address, address, phone number, effective date, etc. Including information that can identify individuals (including those used in publisher’s name and published contents, but not limited thereto).

(4) Advertisement/publicity/sales activities, election campaign, solicitation for specific ideas/religion, or contents similar thereto.

(5) Pornographic novels/pictures, sexual negotiations, or other obscene content.

(6) Including content that promotes remarkably violence, cruelty or crime to children and adolescents and inhibits healthy development thereof.

(7) Tattoos, tattoos, body art, and the like.

(8) Including laws and ordinances, contents contrary to public order and morals, or contents that might be thereof.

(9) Including discriminatory expression.

(10) Including contents that may be contrary to or subject to the theme or purpose in

(11) Nonsense content.

(12) Including inappropriate expressions such as slander, slander, complaint, or discrimination against specific companies, corporations, groups, regions, individuals (including statements in obscurance).

(13) Information that occurs only under certain conditions (such as discounts under special conditions.

(14) Information on trading or transfer of goods, discount tickets, introduction cards, etc.

(15) Campaign and discount information on goods and services.

(16) Specific name of store, company, service.

(17) Others, what we judged as unsuitable expressions for

  • If any user violates the preceding Terms and Conditions, and a trouble arises between and the user or another member and the third party, or a right holder such as a photographer, the user is solely responsible for his own responsibility. shall attempt to solve this problem and shall not cause any inconvenience to

  • In order to promote the behavior of users and to enhance the information, proposes information publishing on (reviews, fees, usage fees, fee specifications etc.

  • The scope of application of this article shall be the information of all the domestic wedding ceremonies and wedding receptions and also in abroad.

  • The users are permitted to submit this charge/fee information only if they are agreed by to be published on website.

  • shall have the right to correct or delete some or all of the information by its own. shall provide or let provide:

(1) Information on venues used being used for 3 years.

(2) Complaint to specific individuals/users, companies, organizations.

(3) Publishing of various discounts.

(4) Information other than the final charge of the estimate information etc.

  • A user can unregister if he wishes to unsubscribe from service from

  • When a user shall violate the Terms and Conditions, shall suspend the use of all or part of the services of the user, or deny registration without any prior notice to the user.

  • may suspend the user from registration, if our finds it necessary, such as when there is no use by the user for a certain period or more.

  • may change or temporarily suspend the user subscription without prior notice to the user.

  • shall manage the personal information of the user in accordance with “Privacy Policy”.

  • shall have the right to change the user’s content publishing terms at any time. If the changed contents are displayed after one month on, it is deemed that the user accepted it.

  • The interpretation and application of the Terms and Conditions of using of are in accordance with the law of Bangladesh.