Planning a Wedding Together

Planning a Wedding Together

When you are already engaged, the days before the wedding don’t want to pass! You are excited and nervous, and understandably so. But it is at your best interest to make a proper wedding plan with your fiancé to make good use of the time. If planned properly, the wedding will be one to remember, not just for you, but also for the guests and friends. Here are the things you should plan together.

The Timetable

The importance of timing when planning your wedding day

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By the time table, it is not simply meant the date of the wedding, rather the entire timeline of the wedding ceremony. If you plan it together, then you will be able to make sure that close persons of both the bride and groom are able to attend the wedding quite conveniently. Moreover, you would also like to make sure that these individuals don’t miss out on the fun events because of the inconvenient timetable.

Choosing the Wedding Vision

Defining your wedding vision

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Wedding is an event that is most likely going to take place only once in your and your partner’s life. That’s why it is extremely important to find the proper wedding vision while choosing the venue. It is quite understandable that the partners might not share the exact same vision, still there can be areas of interception which should be given the topmost importance while organizing the event as a whole. From choosing venue selection to coming up with a wedding concept, everything should be a part of the vision. What sort of venue you would like to choose? Indoors or outdoors? What should be the primary color of the couple? Red or white? Ask these questions to each other and agree on something.

Setting up the Budget

Make a Wedding Budget

Setting up the wedding budget is another very important key factor here. Bangladeshi weddings are quite big and consist of multiple wedding events. For making sure that everything is kept under control, the budget needs to be shared between both the bride’s and groom’s families. And yes, the bride and groom themselves can have a serious say in this. A wedding with proper budgeting and planning will help the couple to go smoothly with their newly married life. If the costs go way to overboard, then there is a huge possibility that the couple might suffer financial crisis once they start their newly-wed life.

Planning the Wedding Guest List

wedding guest list etiquette

This is another very important thing the bride and groom should plan together. Recently, most of the events in a Bangladeshi wedding are arranged in collaboration between the families of the bride and the groom, and there needs to be a limited number of guests to check the budgets in check. Create a priority list of guests, and discuss with your partner about the desired number of the guests you would like to see in your wedding. People who are at the bottom of the priority list can be excluded if the numbers go way too overboard.

Taking these preparations together will not only make the wedding event a grand success, but also will help the couple to have a better understanding when they start their new life.

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